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I (a Spire) had this happen at one the CP's in London Dec 2018. My first time at that hotel and my first time in London. Was on the train from Manchester early evening, arriving to the hotel around 9:00-9:30pm. Checked the app to make sure res was still there. Noticed I was upgraded to a crazy suite. The room pictures show the room has a staircase in it. This was on points even. Was excited to get an awesome room my first time in what has now become my favorite city. Get to the hotel all excited and at check in I'm told I have some sort of standard room. I didn't look at the app before I walked in the door.

"I thought I was upgraded to a suite?"
"Well, we don't have any upgrades right now."
"I saw it in the app a couple hours ago when I was on the train. Said Executive Suite or something."
"...............how did you know what room type we put you in?"

The apparently didn't know that guests can see the exact rooms they put you in on the app. I think they realized that they disappointed someone. I'm guessing because I was getting there relatively late, another guest probably asked for an upgrade and they switched rooms.
I didn't complain. It is a great hotel and have stayed there again (and will be again later this year).
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