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Saturday, 11 April - Day trip to Ise Shrines

Ise City is home to the Ise Shrines (Ise Jingū), Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines. The Ise Shrines consist of two major shrines that stand several kilometers apart from each other, the Inner Shrine (Naikū) and the Outer Shrine (Gekū), and over a hundred smaller shrines spread across the region. The Inner Shrine is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu and believed to house Yata no Kagami or the sacred mirror that is part of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. In Japanese mythology the Emperors of Japan are considered to be direct descendants of Amaterasu.

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Like many other Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan Ise has a traditional approach road to the Inner Shrine called Oharaimachi. Nearly one kilometer long, it is lined by many traditional style buildings, housing shops and restaurants. Another street Okage Yokochō recreates a townscape of past centuries. Traditionally the Outer Shrine should be visited before the Inner Shrine.

Japan Guide

If time permits anyone interested can travel to Toba (15-20 mins by train) to visit the Mikimoto Pearl Island and one of many seafood restaurants including all-you-can-eat oyster stands. Trains back to Nagoya from Toba (via Ise-shi) will take 1hr 55 mins.

Provisional itinerary
Leave Nagoya 08:37 - (Kaisoku Mie #1) - arrive Ise-shi 10:18
Visit Outer Shrine
Bus to Inner Shrine (~20 mins) or walk via Oharaimachi (5km)
Walk along Oharaimachi and have lunch
Visit Inner Shrine
Bus to Ise-shi (~21 mins)
Leave Ise-shi 16:20 - (Kaisoku Mie #20) - arrive Nagoya 18:06 or Kaisoku Mie #22 (17:00-18:46)

The “Aozora Free Pass” (one day pass issued by JR Tōkai) costs 2,620 yen and covers rail travel between Nagoya and Ise-shi/Toba. Bus from Outer Shrine to Inner Shrine and back will cost 880 yen.
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