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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
When did the fly become an "American" disease?
It seems to be American enough for some US Americans not to be worried about it, because they have accepted that much more dangerous virus as a normal part of their life.

Originally Posted by Visconti View Post
Here in the USA, we've had the cold/flu probably every generation, and I myself have had it countless times. I'd imagine most of us here have gotten some kind of resistance to it, and neither I nor any of my family have ever even remotely come close to dying after countless cold/flus.

Now, this novel coronavirus is from a bat or some kind of animal in China? Odds are it's strain has never been in America, and may pose a higher risk to me than the flu/cold in which I'm used to. While I MUST deal with the flu, I don't and shouldn't have to with a virus that should and could have been contained in Wuhan.
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