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I'll admit that while getting 2 beds and a rollaway was easy throughout most of the US, I've found it a bit less common in a lot of places around the world (for standard rooms). I've received or identified a few diffferent reasons such as including fire regulations/safety to the simple fact that some places have rooms that literally don't have any space to fit a rollaway, much less safely. Speaking of which... I was at two properties in NYC recently, and although I didn't ask about a rollaway... I'll be honest, I can't even imagine where they could have even fit a rollaway in the small room. Many of the hotels still had an option for rollaways in their larger (more expensive) rooms, although some just didn't have rollaway beds at all. I've even found properties that didn't even have cribs.

Of course, some places just don't like it due to the fact that certain demographics really will try to pile 10 people into a room. The hotel wouldn't like that for a number of reasons including lost revenue on the additional rooms and/or safety.

Good luck with your search. My kids have been growing quickly... unfortunately my salary has not shared that same growth rate so I've been facing increasingly tight spaces as we travel.
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