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Originally Posted by BenA View Post
Many social networks have a tool that scrapes your e-mail contacts and "imports" them as invitations. The most likely explanation here is this agent e-mailed you a welcome message, as many hotels do for elites; this caused your contact information to be automatically saved in their address book by their e-mail application, and then when they signed up for LinkedIn that information was matched to your profile.
As I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn doesn't have access to my contacts or my email. So it would be impossible for that to happen. I am one of those people that sets strict privacy settings on my social media accounts. I don't want my business contacts to get spammed because my contacts got mined. It's not a good way to conduct business. LinkedIn frequently asks me to link my contacts with their site, and I never do.

Originally Posted by spgplat21 View Post
Was it a personal invitation or just a generic one? If it was generic this sounds much more like she activated some auto-connect feature from linkedin that searched through her emails for potential contacts. As others have noted, this generates some really odd invitations.

If she didn't write you a personal message, I would be surprised that she would steal customer information from the hotel just to send random linkedin invites to everyone.
The only way she could have gotten my email would have been to take it from my Marriott reservation. Since she no longer works there, any work email address she might have had should have been disabled years ago. And I don't email personal accounts for Marriott employees while staying at a hotel. BTW, I think this is really weird as well. That's why I posted about it.
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