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Many social networks have a tool that scrapes your e-mail contacts and "imports" them as invitations. The most likely explanation here is this agent e-mailed you a welcome message, as many hotels do for elites; this caused your contact information to be automatically saved in their address book by their e-mail application, and then when they signed up for LinkedIn that information was matched to your profile.

This obviously isn't a best practice, but it's not uncommon; I've even gotten macro viruses e-mailed from airlines in the past that I've corresponded with. For an emerging market hotel, I suspect more of the CRM is done manually than you might expect, and it's not hard to imagine an employee syncing a mobile device and then retaining that contact list when they left the position for their next role.

To avoid this sort of thing happening, I like to give my social networks alternate e-mail addresses and phone numbers so my profile can't be correlated directly back to my real world identity. But for someone in sales, I can certainly appreciate the need to appear more visible to your clients...
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