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Originally Posted by jeanie View Post
Several years ago, I stayed for 3 nights at the Courtyard Bogota Airport for a business trip.

Today, I got an invitation to connect on LinkedIn from someone I don't know. I'm in sales, so I typically check to see if the person is someone I might do business with in the future. The woman is from Bogota, Colombia, and the only thing I can see that we have in common is that she was a reservation agent at the Courtyard Bogota Airport from June, 2016 - July, 2017. That seems to be about the right time frame for the business trip I took to Bogota. I am a straight woman, and we didn't hook up or anything like that. I don't remember speaking to or meeting her at all.

This whole thing just strikes me as odd! Anyone else have a reservations or front desk agent contact you like this years later? If she kept my personal information from that stay, it's pretty creepy! BTW, I ignored the invitation.
I think it's more of Linkedins creepy algorithms on who it suggests to connect with and the front desk agent accidentally clicking to connect with you or not understanding how Linkedin works. I've seen very random people in my suggestions that a former brief acquaintances that I've never had a professional relationship with. I've had two or three front desk people request to connect with me in the past from hotels I frequent. Kind of odd but whatever.
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