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I was also a bit disappointed in a similar way on a recent pair of J flights SFO-HND-SFO.

Maybe because on the outbound the flight was quite sparse (xmas day), and I had the pleasure of having every request fulfilled with a smile. Like: ordering alternating courses from the Japanese / Western menu, requesting extra of the Japanese appetizer box (from the main meal) during the "anytime you like" portion of service. Not having to wait more than 3-4 min between seeing any flight attendants come through the cabin.

On the way back, polite but non-negotiable "no" for picking and choosing meal components out of order. 10 min between seeing flight attendants who I could flag down to request something. The cabin was not quite full, but close. And maybe the short flight time 9.5 hours? I still ate my fill though and enjoyed it, though marginally less.

I don't know how JAL could work out compensating you for reporting something so "soft", though, as compared to a seat or video failure. At least there's actually a "crew management for your flight" to have given feedback to. It just goes into a black hole with most carriers.
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