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Based on what i read on post #11 , 12, 13, i think this is what is happening

1) While KF allows long overnight transit at SIN when it is exclusively a SQ metal award, for some reason, it doesnt extend the same consistently to a *A award, even when non-MI availability exist.

* SUB-SIN-(overnight)-TPE-SEA is not allowed. (longer overnight at SIN bc the earliest SUB-SIN flight cannot connect to TPE-SEA)
* DPS-SIN-(overnight)-TPE-SEA is allowed (shorter overnight at SIN)
* SUB-SIN-TPE-LAX is allowed (no overnight at SIN, all same-day flights)

2) I am still not sure why BWN/KUL cant work as origins for *A award, even when non-MI availability exist.
It is allowed to act as origin when the routing is solely SQ metal, but then not allowed when it is *A award
So it is considered backtracking when routing is *A, but not considered backtracking when it is SQ metal only?
And then we have the case where SUB-SIN-SYD-LAX is allowed, where there is backtracking with SYD-LAX being clearly UA

Anyway, it looks to me that the rules around *A award are way more stringent but then not consistently applied.

Thank you for working through this exercise with me

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