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Originally Posted by Adam Smith View Post
I have found the rouge 763 seats are equally uncomfortable whether I've paid or someone else has.

Did you ask in YVR about re-booking to a later flight to avoid rouge (or earlier, if that was even possible)? And were you dealing with the concierge or just check-in agents?
There was no time to ask about rebooking at YVR as we were met by concierge at the gate and we practically ran with her through the whole process of immigration and getting our luggage and putting them on the belt again. I didn't have time to think after a long sleepless flight and my thought faculties only returned when we were already on board and that WAIT-A-MINUTE-WHAT-AM-I-DOING-ON-ROUGE hit me. And by then it was too late.

I think you pretty much have the answer - technically nothing is due, but if you write in, AC will probably offer you a discount code or something else that could be worth a few bucks.
I will be a bee in their bonnet because this isn't right. And certainly, if AC wants to keep my loyalty and my $$$$ for J class long haul 2-3x a year, it must do the right thing.
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