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married segment issues for krisflyer redemptions

do SQ restrict certain routing and redemption due to married segment issues? i have read it happens for SQ metal itinerary, so i guess it applies for star alliance itinerary as well?

i am trying to do a routing like the following

AAA is another city in SE Asia, so same zone as SIN
CCC is transit point

unfortunately, i must do SQ metal for SIN-CCC and another star alliance carrier for CCC-USA, due to availability issues.

when I search online, i can get SIN-CCC-USA to show up at 105,500 krisflyer miles for business class

however I am unable to get AAA-SIN-CCC-USA to show up
I can get AAA-SIN to show up separately, so i know this leg (SQ metal) is available.
I just cannot string them altogether

when I called in, the KF agent claimed that they will not be able to combined them together either, due to married segment logic - not sure is it agent is unable, or unwilling.

I am willing to HUCA if this agent was misinformed, or another option I am thinking is to have the SIN-CCC-USA put on hold first then call back again later to add AAA-SIN as the preceding leg

has anyone encountered such issue before? how did you resolve?
is it possible to ticket such an itinerary in one PNR, so that I only pay 105,500 miles?

thank you

p/s: one thing i should mention is, AAA-SIN-USA is actually available as a through ticket. In this case, the entire itinerary is SQ metal, and no transit at CCC is needed.
the only reason I am not booking it (yet) is bc this itinerary is only available in Economy for now, but WL for Business

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