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Originally Posted by ZBigFam View Post
That's the point though and the reason I started the thread because if I am upgraded 90%+ of the time and there is no algorithm in place then I will be overjoyed at AA vs United.

Help me understand the drop off then? What makes things so much worse for EXPs that fly AA regularly once off trial? I genuinely want to know.
I have no clue about your trial. I fly AA out of DFW and as an EXP with about $25k got about 2 upgrades in domestic F. Now with that being said, I realize Iím in a hub and pay for F out of pocket when warranted. Overseas is paid J (so, as you can see, my number of segments is not many).

where it comes down to it is how they treat you. Again, EXP in paid J, Iíve had my reserved window changed to the center 4 times in a year. I loathe those seats - AA DGAF. To me, thatís a big deal. SWUs are almost worthless for long haul unless you have a lot of flexibility and get lucky. Priority bag tags are meaningless if you are checking.

in flight and on the ground service will not necessarily be any better, particularly during irrops. A few months ago I was rerouted due to a storm and the airport was a mess with wrong information everywhere and insufficient staff. I was fortunate to get an email for a hotel and skipped all the misinformation ( including the flight they swore was going out 30min later and then canceled at 1am).

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