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Originally Posted by Spinstorm View Post
I asked the question about WT+ on my Nashville flight and I have to say with Status and being able to book the back two seats on whatever plane your flying I havenít really enjoyed it more than WT.

To LA - I had two back seats on the 747 so I had loads of room. Coming back I was in WT+ and had someone next to me so was much more uncomfortable and the food was inedible.

To Nashville - I did enjoy WT+ and had a spare seat next to me but with those fixed arm rests I was feeling restricted. Coming back I had two seats again and had more space and was much more comfortable. So I am not sure that WT+ is really worth it. (Other than for TP if you paid.)
Iíve tended to use WT+ on flights operated by 787s; most recently ICN and BWI. On the 787, at least, WT+ is noticeably better.
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