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Originally Posted by kochleffel View Post

For a couple of other unusual island situations: Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten are constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but are not part of the Netherlands, nor are they in the EU, nor do they use the Euro. The other Dutch islands in the Caribbean are "special municipalities" of the Netherlands and residents are Dutch nationals, although the special municipalities are not part of the EU.....
A hopefully interesting little fact which we learned during our birthday trip last year.....

The highest point in the Netherlands is stated as being Mr. Scenery which has a summit elevation of 2,910 feet. And Mt. Scenery is located on the Dutch-controlled island of Saba in the Caribbean.

Some also may recall our air travel adventure to Saba (SAB) courtesy of WinAir last April. Our flight was delayed due to a decision by WinAir to stop at St. Bart's en route to Saba. This stop wasn't on the schedule and the resulting delay was compounded by an apparent paper work problem with WinAir's flight operations dept. which meant we sat on the tarmac at St. Bart's for awhile longer. Well, the airfield at Saba is a strictly daytime only affair with the airport only open from sunrise to sunset. So now we were fast approaching sunset as we departed St. Bart's for Saba. The flight crew got the old Twin Otter up to around 170 knots on the way over and we landed at Saba ten minutes before sunset. SBH has a very interesting runway as well as it's only 1,300 feet in length with sea cliffs on both ends and no overruns. It took several glasses of wine at the resort we were staying at before Lady K would forgive me following our landing at Saba......

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