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In 2018 I spent a day in France with two people from the Isle of Man, who took pains to explain to everyone who would listen that they were not from the UK. Another person in our party told French people that the two of them were from Angleterre, but as she said it in French, they may not have noticed. I've also read a number of detective novels by George Bellairs that are set on the Isle of Man.

For a couple of other unusual island situations: Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten are constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but are not part of the Netherlands, nor are they in the EU, nor do they use the Euro. The other Dutch islands in the Caribbean are "special municipalities" of the Netherlands and residents are Dutch nationals, although the special municipalities are not part of the EU. French Saint Martin, on the other hand, is an overseas collectivity of France and uses the Euro. (I'm deliberately overlooking all the EU "special provisions" that may apply.)

The Faroe Islands are a constituent of the Kingdom of Denmark, but not part of the EU. The Faroes issue their own currency, which is interchangeable (in the Faroes) with Danish currency, which also circulates, but Faroese currency doesn't circulate in Denmark and no one there, except possibly a bank, will accept it. The Faroes are not in the Schengen Area, but there is free travel throughout the Nordic Passport Union, so air passengers from Denmark, Norway, or Iceland encounter no customs or immigration, but passengers from Scotland do (or should - there is not necessarily anyone on duty).
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