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Ah... it's good to be back home - even in temperatures well below zero. Now I can focus on things like participating in the quiz and JL's excellent set of head scratchers.

37. It's 1977 and you are in Winnipeg. You need to travel to Phoenix and are surprised to find there's a direct flight from YWG to PHX. Of course, it makes five stops en route but so much the better! Identify the airline, all five stops in order and the equipment. Frontier operating a B737-200. The first stop was MOT and the second stop was BIS. This flight also stopped at DEN and ABQ.....but it did not stop at RAP.

The only thing that comes to mind for me is Casper, Wyoming. Especially given the 737 operation. In the old days, the 580s used to route down through Nebraska.

56. If you wanted to fly into Summerside (YSU) on Prince Edward Island on board a jet at this time, what airline would you call and what type of aircraft would you travel on?

I only have a clue on this one from having recently perused the OAG for future questions. Without grabbing the OAG to look it up (where's the fun in that?) the airline name was Atlantic something or other and it operated a Fokker F.28. As for the name, geez - shot in the dark here. Atlantic Provincial Airways sounds like a nice name... Pray I'm not wasting my time and it's EPA, but I think they were gone by '95.

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