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Originally Posted by Marcus Harper View Post
Probably checking in too early. It used to be 24 hours and maybe 1 second to be able to check in. Now it seems to be 8-10 seconds after the 24 hour window. At least thatís how itís been for me. Probably donít need to waste time checking in since Iím Alist but I still do it.
I have A list but my CP companion doesn't. He is an exacting type and whenever he checks himself or anyone else in, he loads up in one browser and the southwest check in page in another about 10 minutes before t-24 and checks in as soon as check in opens.

He used to find that check in opened exactly when hit t-24, but coinciding with a southwest reservations system change some time ago noticed that the check in window is no longer consistent. These days it seems to range anywhere from 3 seconds before t-24 to as many as 8 seconds after, most often after.
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