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Update for everyone who was following. This was indeed possible, the gentleman I spoke to who's name began with R was very good, and instead of dismissing me this time noted the series of steps I needed him to perform, rather than repeating "not possible".

So, background again for those curious.
  1. Current flight on Friday in a T seat (WTP) - let's call it flight 1
  2. Want to change to Saturday flight U seat (CW) - let's call this flight 3
  3. No T seats available on flight 3, meaning I have do find ANOTHER flight with T (WTP) seats, and U (CW) seats available - let's call this flight 2
So, I had to change to flight 2, to avoid moving into a W (fully flex) seat on flight 3 that I actually wanted which would have cost ALOT
Then, I had to upgrade to a CW U seat on that same flight
Then, I could change it back to the Saturday flight that I wanted

Total cost, 500 & 24k avios
Total cost if I would have moved direct to W on flight 3, then upgraded, 1500 for W seat + then 200 or so tax & 24k avios

And now, I am in the new CWS
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