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Lots of snow plows in my neighborhood. And winter tires as well. But I'm on hill that is over 100m tall and really steep which makes life interesting regardless.

The buses do manage to get up and down here okay but the larger issue for me is impact on the trains. They can't run fully automated in snow and have to be manually driven which slows them down. Buses in parts of Vancouver closer to the ocean have more issues though maybe due to the wetter snow there. Dunno.

But unlike AC, we only have snow a couple of days a year and people here simply don't handle it well. When I lived on the other side of the Continental Divide I recall the first snow of the year had a similar effect. I swear people acted like they'd never seen the stuff before. And that was in YXE which has more than a couple days of snow.

But I'm avoiding the carnage and working from home today.
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