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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
Hello Herb!

54. Well, Memphis and now Red Stick (BTR) are both gone. Ya'll guess again!

57. Yep, you are going to be on board a first class, of course. But alas, you won't be on American and you'll thus not be making at stop at Dallas/Fort Worth......
I actually visited HDN a couple of times around the year in question, give or take a year. I cannot remember what mainline equipment I saw at HDN other than AA's. I got there via UAX flights from DEN (operated by Mesa/YV, if memory serves. Flying fairly low over the Rockies in a Beech 1900 was beautiful flying). Had UA operated mainline into HDN I probably would have been on it, so I'm going to guess that the non-AA 722 going to HDN wasn't United either.

Continental TPA-IAH-HDN perhaps?

(Another HDN reminiscence. Back then there were separate buildings for AA's mainline flights and the UAX/YV commuter flights to DEN. There was no security screening at HDN on the flights to DEN so they had to park at special positions on the ramp at DEN in order to funnel disembarking passengers into a landside part of the concourse outside security.)

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