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Originally Posted by bosman View Post

Originally, this process was scheduled to have been completed by March 2019, however the hotel I have a room block in said they are still awaiting confirmation on final TOCOG requests and will know in November if they have available rooms (unfortunately, they did not provide a specific date in November), so there should be rooms coming back onto the open market soon.
Ended up TOCOG didn't confirm final allocations until December. As another poster mentioned, most room block contracts have a date by which the contracting company can release a certain number or percentage of rooms back to the hotel with no penalty. In my case, that date is February 29, but it likely will vary hotel by hotel/contract by contract. It may be a good strategy to check early in each month (assuming most contracts have an end of month release date and it takes a day or two to get released hotels back into the "for sale" system) for rooms coming back on for sale.
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