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Originally Posted by AAir_head View Post
+1; itís do-able carry-on only as long as you donít hit customs the same time as multiple other arrivals. You might have a look at typical CLT arrivals either side of yours to see.

Assume you mean to carry-on for your international leg and then gate-check it to DCA? I live here, so have never done it. If you need it overnight, donít check it. You might try calling AA about it; maybe they can get you in touch with their DCA baggage service office.

Yeah... the bag is very heavy and I greatly prefer to check it. Plus I don't need to go through a major and painful repack before connecting flight because of a laptop and #personal items that way in Charlotte also. But having to pick it to clear customs anyway, and time constraints, safer to just deal with lugging it around CLT and the repacking exercise. The bag doesn't need to Buffalo the next day so I definitely want to have it in DC.

Not feeling as hopeful as I was about 1:35 minute connection. Eight - EIGHT - international arrivals in the hour before mine!! Thinking best thing is to suck it up and just book the connection a few hours later? At that way I'll still be guaranteed my business seat to DCA.
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