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Two CLT/DCA questions

I've read in the threads previously about CLT being a cluster clearing customs and have avoided it. Tomorrow it works best for me to take a flight connecting through CLT back from the islands however.

1) The connection time on this flight is 1:35 minutes, arriving to CLT at 6:55pm. I'll be flying in Business, so early off the plane. Do not have global entry or TSA pre-check. Can carry my bag on so won't have to wait in Charlotte for baggage. Is this likely sufficient to my connecting flight to DCA departing at 830pm? Thanks. I have to book this flight in the next hour or so, so was hoping to get a some feedback if any red flags. There is one later connection but if the first is generally doable I'd rather be to DC sooner.

This question becomes irrelevant if I don't recheck my bag in CLT. But say that I did.

2) My ticket ultimately connects to BUF the first flight out the following morning. It's a 9+ hour connection on that flight. Could I retrieve my bag from the carousel in DCA Monday evening? Or would it be held and checked through automatically Tuesday morning? I thought I'd seen previous threads referencing 8 hours. If I took the one available longer connection through CLT, my connecting time in DCA would be 7 hours 53 minutes. Would that make a difference to whether my bag would be available in DC Monday evening?
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