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Surprise reservation date change

I am in the middle of a stay for which I had several consecutive one-night reservations. When I checked in, the front desk confirmed the reservations and arranged for me to have the same room for the entire stay. They did not combine the reservations into one.

This morning, the front desk informed me that I didn't have a reservation for tonight. I looked at the app and saw the reservation. But when I looked for it again once I arrived at the front desk, I could no longer find it. So, I retrieved the reservation number from the confirmation email. It turns out that the reservation had moved to January 28. I was able to make a new reservation for tonight. But it was at a significantly higher rate.

I am wondering what may have caused this glitch. Earlier this week, I received the usual "Plan for your stay" email that shows the correct date. And two days ago, I received the "Check in now" email. That, and seeing the reservation disappear from the app makes me think that all was well until the hotel started processing the reservation today.

Does anyone know whether the system keeps logs that would show what happened? If so, are these logs available to the hotel staff or only to Marriott IT?
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