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As someone who lives on Oahu I generally agree with DavidO and GoodMorning.

If you want to do beach activities then Ko Olina is a good choice. The resort is always busy because Aulani is right next door. You can explore the West Side beaches but there is not much to do on that side of the island. But be aware it is at least a hour drive to most of the popular tourist attractions. If you leave or come back to the hotel during rush hour, good luck.
Stay away from rooms that overlook the pool/open grassy area in the front of the hotel. Every time we have stayed there there has been a wedding or party that goes on until at least 10pm.
I do remember a few issues with the service but overall it was fine. The valets seem to be indifferent if you don't pull up in a car. If they are not busy you have to go up to them and interrupt their conversation. One time there was no iron in the room. The one they brought was broken and the replacement one leaked badly. When I complained they did rectify it by ironing our clothes for us.
If you do stay there, eat at Noe. My wife says it is the best Italian restaurant in the State. La Hiki's Sunday Brunch is among the best on the island. Skip Michael Mina's Fish House unless it is for Happy Hour.There are decent places to eat in the resort complex and there is a shuttle that goes around.

Halekulani is in the heart of Waikiki and all the tourist stuff. If you want night life or the hottest dining options then it is close to Downtown and Chinatown. Obviously it is always really busy. I haven't stayed there since their recent renovations but 4-5 years ago it was clean but looking kind of worn. I do remember that the elevators were really slow. I can't really comment on their service I remember it being fine.
La Mer is really good but it is the only restaurant in the State that requires jackets. Orchids Sunday Brunch is on par with La Hiki. There a lot of different dining options in the area. It is Waikiki so don't go walking around late at night.

If you are ok with the captive dolphins then I'll put in another vote for the Kahala. They just renovated so most things are new, at least in the common area. In my opinion it is in the best location to stay if you want to do tourist stuff. It is just outside the main traffic areas and it is easy to plan to go against rush hour traffic. Its right on a beach that is not really that busy compared to most others. The resort clears out during the day so it is usually relatively quiet compared to the other two hotels.
I don't remember any service issues when I stayed there pre-renovation. The only issue that I can come up with is that if it is busy the driveway/valet can become a zoo because the driveway is so small.
If you want to eat off the hotel grounds you have to drive. It is close to Aina Haina/Kaimuki (gentrifying area) and there are a lot of good places to eat. I think that since the renovation, Arancino is better than Noe (don't tell my wife). Hoku's Sunday Brunch is below Orchids and La Hiki because the isn't as extensive.

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