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Originally Posted by andrewk829 View Post
Hopefully this focus on "domestic core hubs" includes better scheduling of flight banks so that I do not have to choose between a risky 30-40 minute layover (which, even if everything is on time, leaves virtually no time for an airport meal or a Sky Club visit once you account for deplaning, walking [or sprinting] between gates, and boarding time) or a too-long 3 or 4 hour layover. In my mind, the ideal layover time for a domestic itinerary is about 90 minutes but recently it seems such itineraries are harder to find.

I'd also like to see hub airports strive for a 1:1 ratio between gate seats and power outlets.
Personally I want more 30 minute connections, not fewer. The club mac and cheese is OK I guess, but I'd rather have an extra hour at home or at my destination.
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