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Originally Posted by QBK View Post
For what it's worth, I actually think the amount of detail given in the OP was close to appropriate. A lot of FT posts are way too long and rambling, with irrelevant details, but IMO zoonil's post was spot on.
1. Transpacific business class flight canceled for mechanical reasons. And then the replacement flight returned to EWR, also for mechanical reasons. Caused a 2-day avoidable delay.
2. On top of that delay, the only option offered to get to your destination even 2 days late was in economy (see below re: "downgrade" term).
3. 5 checked bags lost for 5 days. Major personal and emotional consequences.
4. The special vegetarian meals that you pre-ordered were not available on two consecutive business class flights.
I agree completely ,this needs to framed for what it is , I might even flesh it out a little more and send it to a business school so that they can use it as a case study in incompetence and systemic failure
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