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Using benefits of BA Gold while crediting to AY+

I spent a significant amount of time researching this topic, since I know that there is a lot of information available. If something exactly like this exists, please delete this thread.

During this entire year I would like to be crediting all my OW flights to AY+ (no status). There is simply more value this way and makes more sense for someone based in HEL. However, I naturally want to use all the benefits of OWE through BA Gold. Here are my conclusions and questions:

1) When it comes to lounge access, there shouldn't really be any problems. Either change FF number after entering or enter with BA Gold card.

2) Check-in should be equally painless by just showing the card/app.

3) Priority security is really important to me and entering might pose a problem. More and more points have electronic gates that open once you have scanned your ticket. Agents can open these gates manually, for example when travelling with a non-status member, but I don't really trust them always even knowing what BA Gold is or caring since my FF status is not printed on my ticket. Same with other forms of priority security,

4) Seat selection is not particularly important to me unless the airline blocks the Y seat next to mine automatically, which I understand is not that common anymore (except on BA flights?). I might be flying AY longhaul in Y at some point, which of course offers the possibility for complimentary Y+. If I have understood previous threads regarding other airlines correctly, the safest way to keep the Y+ seats both on the outbound and the inbound flights would be to simply credit to the OWE program (BA in my case).

5) Complimentary upgrades and better service during irrops is really important to me. So, it would probably be smart to always have the BA ff number on the ticket right until boarding has commenced.

Besides these points I have pondered over some solutions to my problem.

- FQTV and FQTS being separate would of course be absolutely perfect for me, but how many agents are able to do this...? Is this something that should be done at the airport or well in advance?

- Taking a screenshot of the ticket with the BA number and then getting another ticket at the airport with the AY number seems like a good option, but still leaves me with the problem of the airline not "thinking of me as an elite" when upgrading people or similar situations.

Having said all of the above, I'll probably credit my J flights to AY and Y flights to BA. The reasoning behind this is that with a J ticket I'm "well covered" anyway and the only significant additional benefit of OWE is better lounges that can easily be accessed with the BA card or app. When flying Y, the mileage accrual is peanuts anyway, so not that important to credit to AY. However, the benefits of OWE compared to the travel class are enormous.

I hope this post is informative to people in similar situations and that someone has more knowledge than posted above on how to find the best solution.
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