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Expedia accepted schedule change on my behalf - next steps/reasonable resolution?

Hi all - I booked the JL pdx->tyo business fare last year, via Expedia. There was recently a schedule change, which Expedia accepted on my behalf, without asking me. This changed the routing to something that I do not like (I had plans at one of the layover cities, which is no longer on the itinerary). I called, and over the course of which they called JL several times to see if they would allow different routings after the original schedule change, they concluded that they're not able to make get JL to agree to any changes. They refunded $500 (of the ~$2700 total ticket price), which I accepted because I'd been on the phone with them for nearly 8 hours at that point.

I understand that I purchased travel travel between the two cities, rather than travel on a specific routing. However, it seems like Expedia really screwed up by accepting the schedule change without asking me about it (and the final customer service agent I spoke with confirmed that). At least one of the agents told me that JL was refusing to "re-issue the waiver" which suggests to me that it would've been (more?) possible to preserve my desired routing had they contacted me regarding the schedule change rather than accepting it without asking me. The $500 is probably about enough to buy separate (unprotected) tickets to get some semblance of my original routing back, assuming nothing goes wrong. This adds quite a few hours of travel time to my itinerary, however. Has anyone has been in, or heard of, a similar situation with Expedia and if there were/are other resolutions that may be available?
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