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Originally Posted by Jatan View Post
GC shipped by UPS -- should be here tomorrow

12/27 Ordered $40 Sams GC
12/31 Got $15 credit

In the past they would send 2 emails -- one shipment and one activation

This time I only got one shipment email -- nothing for activation so hopefully it comes activated
Good luck to have a smooth process.

The problem in the past is, the CS phone number given at the back of the card is for WalMart GC, not Sam's. You could not even get thru the robot to get a human being due to the card number is not recognized.

We do shop at WalMart Neighborhood stores but often in small amount per transaction. It would be nice to be able to buy a WalMart GC with a CC such as the AMEX Gold and therefore eliminates those little transactions by a lump sum spend. Alas, WalMart would not take CC for any GC they sold, at least not in our town. On the other hand Sam's clubs here seems to be a YMMV case versus being hardcoded in the POS at WalMart. Therefore I am seriously considering the $25 statement credit on new membership offer before the current $15/$30 coming up.

Thanks again for keeping the community updated.
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