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Issues With Global Entry [printer malfunction; passport update; conditional approval]

On a recent flight back to BOS my wife, daughter, and I tried to go through the Global Entry kiosks. I went first, scanned my passport, scanned fingerprints, then I got the message to collect my receipt and go through. However, nothing printed. I waited for a bit, but by this time the screen had reset back to where it's ready for someone to scan their passport again. I tried scanning my passport again, but got an error message saying something like 'previous border crossing was too soon.'

Meanwhile my wife and daughter's passports weren't recognized by the machines at all, we tried a few different ones. Each time the passport was scanned they got an error that they couldn't be found in the system. In my wife's case, she clearly has Global Entry, we both got it at the same time almost 3 years ago. For my daughter, she had her enrollment interview in November, about a week before Thanksgiving. She's only 2 so I was there as her guardian. The officer conducting the interview told me that she has been approved and to expect her card in a couple of weeks. We haven't yet received her card but I thought she nevertheless would still have Global Entry.

Any ideas on what went wrong or what steps I should take to fix this? Appreciate the help, thanks.
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