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Happy New Year!!

Picking up from the 2019 thread United Airlines Fleet Updates [2019 Edition]

In 2019:
2x 77Ws delivered
77W PP modifications completed
772-ER Polaris/PP modifications well-underway
8x 78Js delivered (all with Polaris and PP seats)
788/789 Polaris/PP mods began
763 Polaris-only mods completed; Polaris/PP mods well underway
753 slimline and new F cabin completed
2x 752 28J units retired
752 new International layout modifications started
5x 7M9s delivered prior to grounding
2x 320 frames retired
319 new first cabin layout began and is well underway
New livery paint began will continue for 5+ years

22 50-seaters were removed from service (3 ER4s and 19 CR2s)
38 50-seaters were added to UAX service (18 CR5s, 2 ER4s and 18 CR2s)
25 70-seaters were delivered (all E175SCs)
17x CR7 removed from service (converted to CR5)

Jan 2019 United Fleet & 2019 Outlook:

A319 fleet: 80 total 8 (used) deliveries in 2019 with 4 of those in service, new F cabin layout mods to complete in 2020, expect remaining China Southern deliveries plus start of EasyJet deliveries in 2020

A320 fleet: 97 total new F cabin layout to begin in 2020, possible used frames to be added

73G fleet: 42 total (3 in Guam service) 40 in service, 2 used frames from WN delivered, more to enter service in 2020

738 fleet: 141 total (5 in Guam service) no changes anticipated

739 fleet: 148 total no changes anticipated

7M9 fleet: 14 total, all grounded, deliveries if/when grounding is ended

752 fleet: 53 total 40 International frames to continue new seating mod, expect more 28J frames to be retired

753 fleet: 21 total no changes anticipated

763 fleet: 38 total - 14 with 30J, hi-J mods continue, unsure of fate of remaining 7 units, suspect all will stay in fleet for now

764 fleet: 16 total Polaris/PP mods to begin late 2020

772 fleet: 19 total - domestic config, no changes anticipated

77E fleet: 55 total Polaris/PP mods continue for 51 frames, 4 to become domestic

77W fleet: 20 total all with Polaris/PP, expect 2 more early 2020, possible 4 additional orders

788 fleet: 12 total - Polaris/PP modification to complete in 2020

789 fleet: 25 total - Polaris/PP modification continue throughout 2020, 13 deliveries expected in 2020

78J fleet: 11 total - all with Polaris and PP, expect 2 more deliveries in 2020, 1 in 2021, possible top-up order

CRJ-200 fleet: 161 Total (62 Air Wisconsin, 99 Skywest) plus 13 floaters Expect a few retirements, fleet otherwise unchanged

CRJ-550 fleet: 18 total (all GoJet) expect at least 54 in service by end of 2020

CRJ-700 fleet: 47 total (19 Skywest, 20 Mesa, 8 GoJet) Remaining GoJet and all Mesa to be removed and converted to CR5

E170 fleet: 38 total (all Republic) - no changes anticipated

E175SC fleet: 25 total (all ExpressJet, 17 in service) expect 20 more deliveries to go to Mesa in 2020

E175 fleet: 153 total (65 Skywest, 60 Mesa, 28 Republic) no changes anticipated

ERJ-145 fleet: 178 total (95 ExpressJet, 46 TransStates, 37 CommutAir) - expect more to transition to CommutAir in 2020

** note some of these fleet numbers differ from the UA fleet plan because I have included all frames where UA does not include pro-rate contract planes
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