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Originally Posted by Sandeep1 View Post
It's a decent point but, on the flip side, American airports tend to do a few things much better than foreign airports (especially when arriving at the airport to go on our departing flight).

1) Our gates are listed hours before the flight unlike foreign airports where passengers are typically left walking and pacing back and forth until their gates are listed 30-45 minutes before departure time. That's super annoying.
the plane can be scheduled for a gate before 30-45min. its's a deliberate design in a few airports for various reasons.

(eg LHR, force you to remain in common area to shop. other airports, don't want to build more seats in gate area. while some airports use common gates, so an airline may not know exactly what gate to use compared to the big3 stateside controlling an entire terminal)

KEF airport grew too fast, have to use bus gates (though with WOW gone, it may be better)
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