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I'd say it's partly the labour costs of bus and air stair drivers (and wheelchair lift operators) as well as capital and maintenance cost, as well as who pays for them (airline either through own or contractor, or airport, etc.) and how. Not just for regular use but sitting around just in case they're needed. A lot of people don't remember but for U.S.-made planes, 737s, 727s, DC-9s and perhaps some MD-80s once had integral air stairs (like some "commuter" planes still have today). Maybe the Jetway is simpler and easier as far as cost allocation goes.

One intermediate step was those mobile lounges which was a bus that elevated the passenger cabin to a/c door level. Once found at least at IAD and PHL.

I think it's the expectation of air stair otherwise it's seen as too.... 3rd world. The use of jetways for small a/c, especially the adapters between airstair and a/c door, astounds me.

FWIW, many air stairs are covered so passengers are at least partially protected from the elements.

Many major European hubs manage with air stairs and busses. FRA, AMS, CDG, FCO for example.

The best (or rather worst) combo of the lot is arriving at jetway gate in HNL only to have to use the Wiki Wiki shuttle to get to the terminal.
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