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I count only 10 data points to date with both EXP % and # times around the world. 2 points where they mention only one of the two without saying that they didn't get both. Just based on the 10 points, it does seem like miles flown is down a bit- 4.5x in 2018 ranged from 15-23 percentile, while there are 15-16 percentile at 4x and 9 and 12 percentile at 4.5x for 2019. At the 3rd percentile, we have 3 different # times around the world, 5.5, 6 and 6.5, which is also lower than 2018, where 5.5x consisted of 8,7 and 6 percentile, and 6x of 5th and 4th percentile.
The # times around the world is at the top of the email and takes time to "calculate". Would not surprise me if some members just bypassed this.
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