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My own theory, perhaps this is a first try/evidence at the facial recognition system being used to prevent incidents? The technology is advancing and perhaps it is looking to be used to identify passengers who may be intoxicated, flag them and give them options to let them on their way. With all the security in the airports it wouldnít be difficult to start moving to a more heavily integrated system like some other countries and could have helped locate you in the bar for what the red coat said. Most likely not but anything seems possible.

Iíll say Iíve had some long layovers in the SC and never had issues getting on or receiving drinks, of course you have to manage yourself to do so and no implication the OP didnít. Iíve also had flights where the FAís are looking for a party on board I swear and others where they are stingy, perhaps from bad past experiences (especially long international night flights). At least they let you on your way, as we know it could have easily been instructed to leave the plane and fly tomorrow if the crew or agents felt stronger.
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