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I'd tend to side with the OP, and believe the red coat/GA was a bit hard on the OP. I don't get the half policy of "you can board but you won't get any more drinks" which is suggested by the red coat, and then there's the point that this was communicated to the crew 1 hour before boarding to the crew, based on the observation of the OP drinking 3 beers? And what do the red coat's observations at the smoking lounge have to do with denying the OP anyways.
All seems a bit like an overzealous GA ready to police the plane.

That said, very little complaint can be made that would be able to rule back in favor of the OP after the facts since DL won't go against its staff on this (as mentioned above).

Curious though; what are your options in such a case? Assuming you are under the alcohol limit (3 beers over 2 hours...) can you ask to get on the next flight? Feels like getting into a discussion will likely just lead to a stand off?
If the above is really delta's rule I should have been spoken to on 50% of my red eye flights, and I still like another glass of red wine on board so I would be upset and feel singled out if that would happen to me.
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