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Delta alcohol policy?? Strange incident yesterday

Yesterday I started in St. Louis and flew to Altanta. Great flight, thanked me for being platinum all the normal stuff.

2nd flight was atl to Rio de Janeiro GIG in delta one.

I had a three hour layover and I went in the smoking lounge and bar near gate E6. Made a friend, talked church politics and cars.....normal stuff. Two hours and 3 beers.

Got on the plane got my seat and waited for the plane to fill.

lady next to me turned out to be delta pilots wife (not this flight but he was on and next to her for observing the landing and takeoffs for some training apparently) and we were talking and laughing.

after the plane filled and I was waiting on my drink and she had hers already, a red vest guy, ( gate agent she told me, but it was kiosk face recognition so I had no interaction with him)...asked to speak with me privately.

when I got the gallery, all the pilots, FAs and this guy were there.

only the gate agent spoke and he said....”I was in the smoking lounge with you and I heard your conversation and watched you drink 2 beers which is one over the limit I was allowed to drink before getting on the plane. He said I could either leave the plane or agree not to drink on this flight.

I didn’t fight, I had to fly.

I did try and order and was always told they were out blah blah.

pilots wife said she had never seen or heard of this.
one very apologetic and friendly FA grabbed me right before I exited and told me “sorry man but you should know we were aware an hour before boarding that this was happening”

I was still in the smoking lounge at that point.

does any of this make any sense at all?

i have my suspicions but will reserve and not publicly speculate.
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