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Ay1332 lhr-hel

Hi all,

I'm looking to fly from LHR - HEL early February and noticed that AY1332 has been operating as an A359 most days, with occasional substitution for an A320 or A330.

The BA site shows a type for all flights except AY1332 which is currently not showing any type at all.

Ideally I'd quite like to try the A350 but would be happy with an A330 as that also has a proper business class seat I believe? Given there is no cost difference between the 330/350 and the 320 flights which is just a no-sell on the middle seat, I would rather fly one of the wide-bodies if at all possible.

Does anyone know if AY plan to keep the A350 operating AY1332 or if it is just currently for training purposes?

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