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Yeah I didn't even check with each individual councils, didn't even occur to me to check. I did know QT was virtually a no-fly area.
The Airshare site has a useful page with links to many of NZ Council's drone policies:

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They said you can ask private property owners but how realistic is that for foreign tourists to get consent from owners? Why would they allow some strangers to fly over their properties?.
I've found the reason some NZ owners or occupants have allowed me to fly over their properties is simply because I asked nicely. They are Kiwis after all

Many seemed both shocked and very pleased, that I, an American, took their feelings and rights into consideration and sought them out for permission.

Originally Posted by wco81 View Post
Instead I drove down to Devil's Staircase, near Kingston. That spot is about 25 km south of ZQN and doesn't have any restrictions according to the Airshare map. But I don't know if that is part of the QLDC or not. I emailed them and they didn't reply. So I flew over there, there was at least one other person flying a drone.
Kingston and the surrounding areas are within the boundaries of the QLDC but QLDC's drone restrictions only apply to flying from or over QLDC council-owned land within the boundaries. There are QLDC owned, DOC owned, NZTA owned, and private lands all in that area.

The Airshare map is mainly focused on NZ CAA (Civil Aviation Admin) restrictions and concerns. Without looking, I'd guess the CAA's nearest area of concern to Devil's Staircase would be the uncontrolled skydiving field a good ways up the road near Jack's Point. While Airshare also includes (and is continually adding) areas that restrict or permit drones based on land-owner's rights/policies, it isn't and can't be comprehensive because that would involve knowing the boundaries and current owners and policies for every property in NZ.
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