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I have to assume it all depends on the crew as JDiver and others have said. The hard product is not the best, but also not alone in its missing elements.

I fly F on the 77W 1-2 times a month out of LAX. A few paid this year and the rest with SWU. I have had zero crew issues although from what I have heard, the bad LAX crew members choose HKG more often which I am on much less. Some crew have been more overt in their service than others but all pleasant and professional. Never loud in the galley between meals and always offering to execute a turn down even after I tell them I am happy to do it myself. I think the crew base, not just the individuals has a lot to do with it too as some bases have a higher % of "nots".

For me, the food has always been better than J although not a huge leap. I also enjoy using the LAX FFD for my appetizer on the ground and leave t the main and some sweets for on the plane to maximize rest time. I almost always get fed quickly so that I am complete before most even get to the mains.

Is the seat better than J? Some may say yes if you need to use it as a desk but as a bed, it is close to a tie for me. As a comparison to the alternate to LHR (BA First), I would call them both Business Class Plus products. Neither hold a candle to JL First or AF First which to me, are still true first seats.

Two less noticed things that I enjoy about AA First vs. Business, is the small cabin size and the resulting seat to lav ratio. I rarely if ever have to play the prairie dog game popping up for the lav when it is actually full or becoming a blockade in the aisle while waiting for one. Those things can easily happen on a full biz flight. The low count of seats also typically make it a more quiet environment too.

I don't think it is worth much extra money, but if it is close to J because of A availability vs J or if I have an SWU, I take it ever time for the few minor differences.

Obviously, if you are heading West, it doesn't hold a candle to most other products and I believe they only make revenue there because of the corporate policies JDiver refers to.
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