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Originally Posted by djmp View Post
Ben from One Mile at a Time didn’t have a great time on AA Flagship First. The follow up contains FA viewpoints, most of which were in the “huh?” category for me. United appears in the comments.
What’s up is AA three class or “Flagship First”, while a decent but certainly not cutting edge or leading hard product, is a crAApshoot as to service. It’s not even strikingly different in food and beverages from Business. Sometimes one has a top notch cabin crew, and I’ve had some memorable flights, but sometimes not. In my experience, the good crews are slightly outnumbered by the burnouts who should have taken up other work while it was economically feasible to do so.

A “not” crew of two will find it difficult to personalize or provide service to eight passengers on a long haul flight, will serve food and beverages in a desultory and impersonal manner and will retreat into the galley - which as often or not becomes a late night chat parlor for several flight attendants and deadheading crew excited about their shopping finds in Hongkers, etc.

Some of the FA comments there - those crabbing about adults not making their own beds, etc. - seem to emanate from the “not” crew members.

Additionally, it appears AA bargained away the right to have on-board supervision of cabin crew. An AA “Purser” is merely a crew member who is paid a pittance to prepare the necessary cabin paperwork, so there’s no one responsible for the overall provision of cabin service, unlike, say, British Airways, Qantas or Cathay Pacific.

While this may be tolerable to those who must purchase travel on US based airlines or those upgrading, and that may be dubious, it’s uncompetitive with even AA’s own joint business partners.

Frankly, I’d see no reason to spend for Flagship First on one of American’s 20 777-300ER over Business Class, nor would I spend miles and money to do so. (I did use SWU to upgrade to AAFF a few times, but if I hadn’t I’d have unused SWU expire.)
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