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Last year, at 4.5 times around the world (165 hours in the sky), I was ranked among the top 19% of Executive Platinum members (based on miles flown). But this year, also 4.5 times around the world (138 hours in the sky), I'm ranked among the top 9% of Executive Platinum members.

How curious that my distance-based ranking among EXP members increased while the distance I actually flew this year decreased. I'm not quire sure what to make of this fact pattern, but it raises some academic questions, for sure:

Are comparatively more EXP qualifying this year with short segments?
Compared to last year, are a greater proportion of EXP qualifying with primarily J- and F- fares (high EQM multiples)?
Have the increased EQD requirements this year led those that qualified last year on mostly Y-fares or PE-fares (low EQM multiples) to not make the cut? [Is the inverse fact-pattern discernible among PP, for example?]
(How) has the elimination of most easy paths to bonus EQM & EQD via credit card impacted the mix of EXP members more broadly?

Anyway - it's fun that they send these stats out... if anyone were inclined to do so - with more comparative data points - I suppose one could suss out if/how the EXP cohort this year has evolved from last year.
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