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This question keeps getting asked many times a year and the answer should be in an FAQ. NRT and HND are unrelated and always will be. Itís like asking if your bags would be checked through when landing at SFO and departing SJC. Somehow thatís obviously not going to happen in the US but we Americans seem to expect it for two airports further from one another than those two, in Japan.
In fact, are there any pairs/sets of airports within one metropolitan area in which checked bags on one ticket are routinely transferred by an airline? I know it doesn't happen in the NYC airports, and both BA and Air France explicitly specify the passenger has to transport their own checked bags if there's a change of airport (LHR/LGW or CDG/ORY), but I don't know if this normally happens anywhere else in the world.

I would have thought it was a general rule that the passenger always have to transfer their own checked bags if there's a change of airport, but I've learned on this board that my assumptions are often wrong (!) so I'm curious.
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