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Originally Posted by IADCAflyer View Post
BOS is truly a bloodbath in terms of airlines battling it out. Great for BOS flyers. Funny, I remember when folks decried BOS fares and would go to MHT, PVD, and even BDL to avoid it. Now it seems BOS is drawing a lot of that traffic back.
Funny, the only way BOS is a good airport to fly from, I might argue, is if you can buy F, since there are non-stops on some airline, but it isn't consistent. Nearly every airline has its negatives. I've been looking pretty hard at switching to Delta. I can't just fully sort out the switching costs (which are small, admittedly). My hurdles: 1. I really dislike the long trip from the gates to the curb in Terminal A. It seems minor, I suppose, but at midnight, I've already had it. 2. Having to park in Central Parking (AA has the terminal B parking benefit). By the time I'm in my car from a Delta flight, I'm already most of the way home on a Delta flight. Traffic permitting, natch. 3. I know the routes and terminals so well on AA after 2MM miles, that it is less stressful to travel. Plus, while DFW is no great shakes, ATL can really stink in terms of transfers.

What could tip the scales in Delta's favor:
Delta flew BOS-SFO more often than once a day.
Delta had less than exorbitant pricing on the Asia flights that land in Detroit. Since AA abandoned east-coasters in terms of Asia travel, I have been contemplating a switch. (I can't take UA as that airline only really works for GS passengers domestically).

If I have gone too far off from the OT (and there is a Delta switching thread) feel free to move this post...
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