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Originally Posted by ryandc99 View Post
I had a similar issue previously on a J ticket with CI segments. I could price it at $7300~ but during checkout it failed every time. I called, read the segments, fare classes I see, and they forced it through and were able to get the pricing aligned. I would suggest HUCA till you find an agent willing to take extra time with you. If you are willing to spend this much on a ticket, I have found Delta more than willing to take the time to get the pricing fixed.
OP is looking at an $800 coach ticket, not a biz one. I doubt they are going to bend any rules for that. It would be helpful to know why OP seems insistent on booking DL marketed tickets when the KE marketed tickets will earn virtually the same amount and provide the one-stop routing desired on the return for an $800 price tag. The fare rules on the DL marketed tickets are quite clear -- only DL metal over the pacific (DL marketed is not sufficient).

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