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Disappointing Cityflyer

Used to be a great fan of BA Cityflyer but a few recent experiences have really put me off.

Coming back from Faro in the summer with my daughter (2.5), told only after takeoff that there were no CE meals - only popcorn and crisps - due to a catering cockup at STN. It would have been really helpful if they'd told us that in the terminal so we could provision before the three hour flight...obviously these flights don't even have BoB so no option of getting something from ET either.

Coming back from FRA to LCY yesterday - got to the front of the J queue and had a beep (despite already being booked in CE) and told to "see my colleague." Unfortunately colleague then directed me to the back of the economy queue. As I waited I noticed there had been loads of magic beeps and everyone was being upgraded, but then told there was no meal for them. Fair enough, standard policy I thought. I got to the front after about 10 minutes - and was told "the system asks me if you're OK to sit in the emergency exit row?" I just replied...." that it?" Quite ridiculous a) to ask that at the gate and b) 2D on an E190 isn't even an emergency exit!!! (despite BA's seat map saying it is, it is actually a bulkhead). Of course, then I boarded very late and no overhead space (limited above row 2 on an E190 anyway).

Then got on board and after take off - "sorry we have no main meal for anyone, only snacks." Turns out that because of the previous flight being cancelled, 6 meals had been loaded for 4 booked passengers and 18 had ended up in CE. So the purser had taken the decision to not serve any food other than crisps, presumably to stop a riot. Is this policy?

All in all a succession of crap little service failures add up to a big overall minus experience.
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