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Thank you. Thank you

it should be quite doable with Xmas gifts

Originally Posted by TrojanDomer View Post
southwest is different because they are points which are issued at later date and have a rigid calendar year for Companion Pass. The main Hyatt CC thread I linked (starting with post 1344) had someone showing terms and conditions and examples from past where the nights credit properly on the year they were earned based on spending (eventually)
Originally Posted by Matt4200 View Post
I will confirm that the points will post to your WOH account on 1/03 for December spend. For a statement date of 12/02 your next statement will be on 1/02 and it takes 24 hours to process.

That being said many people are speculating on how it works, rather than basing it on personal experience. I am no different. However, I can tell you that it will go one of two ways:

1) Your statement closes on 1/02, your points are added and you Hyatt retroactively gives you Glob Status, along with the benefits thereof.

2) Your statement closes on 1/02, your points are added but after a few days of waiting you see no change to Globalist. You reach out to Hyatt Concierge via Twitter or phone and let them know the situation. You send the quote of the terms and conditions of the WOH card saying that spend on the card with get credit for the year in which the money was spent. They research and after a little bit you are Globalist.

Those are the two options I see. Since it is in their own T&C they cannot turn you down, which is greatly beneficial for you.

For me on the other hand since my statement already closed for December I would hope they Credit and December spend to 2020 as currently I have 70 Elite nights and even if I spend 20k it would only bump me up to 78 nights as I have no plans to stay at another Hyatt this month.

But again either way everything is on your side as far as spend in December counting for finishing up earning Globalist.
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