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Originally Posted by TrojanDomer View Post
CC is based on transaction date, so could post in January and all work out (terms say may take 6-8 weeks to credit);
If you can find a cheap hotel locally I would probably jump on a mattress run; since still time to get in on 2x/3x points promo which if you find a $50-$75 Hyatt place would be worth the peace of mind personally vs. hoping for next $10,000-15,000 in spend to all post on time for 6 night credit.
See here for recent discussion on same topic
I believe you would need to check out before promo (Dec 15) to get extra points
As for worth it, I had to make the call and for me it was, since I will get at least $300 value from the T1-7 certificate and value the 2 extra TSU at probably conservatively $50-$100 each to use towards family vacations.
Totally agree that it's a trade off for how much you value the Globalist benefits. For me, I went for it last year when I recognized that I would be spending 9 days in Japan and 7 in Australia, with three people, which translated into almost $3k in free breakfasts at fancy Hyatts.
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