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Originally Posted by Chiller3333 View Post
If you've never been to Greece, Athens would be the obvious go to place (that's where I went for my 2 Segments to get to silver). But that won't be enough.

For the jump to gold I sent to HER. It was nice but a bit too touristy for my liking. Next destinations on the list would be RHO and JTR.

What you could do is LHR-ATH-LHR and on the second day ATH-RHO-ATH or sth similar.

If you really just want the Segments, just pick the cheapest island. But if you've never been to Greece before I think you should set a couple of days aside for it.
Thanks. That is indeed something to look into.

Originally Posted by ClanJ View Post
Am making assumption that you are doing a NZ/Europe or Europe/NZ that will accumulate the bulk of your miles? In my case I fly NZ to Europe each year for a holiday. I fly from from Auckland to a Euro destination on a *A carrier on a fare that returns 100% miles, thus get my 12000 miles for requal done. The A3 route map in Europe is really comprehensive so some really great options are available and reasonable in terms of cost if booked early.
I have always found the 4 A3 sectors easy to achieve by using A3 hubbing thru Athens to get around. Greece in my opinion is a great place to visit and/or holiday.
As an example last year flew London to Athens, spent couple of days in Athens, then Athens to Malta for a week then back to Athens, got the ferry to Aegina Island (ferry trip 40 mins) for a few days Greek Island R+R.. Then flew Athens to Milan to catch a flight back to NZ. (my 4 sectors done and dusted plus a holiday).
Generally speaking you can get to from most places in Europe with A3 by hubbing thru Athens. A simple weekend trip to visit Creece and get 4 sectors could look like London/Athens/Thessaloniki then the reverse back. Thessaloniki is a great place to spend a weekend or a bit longer for that matter. The advantage of Thessaloniki is that there are 10/12 flights a day to from Athens so makes connections from/to other places easy and simple.
Thanks for the info. Yes your assumption is correct, a return between Europe/NZ is a bulk of miles. Normally have a number of other trips as well but this is (deliberately) a quiet year. Will look into Thessaloniki thanks for the heads up.

Originally Posted by :D! View Post
Basically LHR to any Greek airport via ATH will be less than 650 except when booking last minute, or some exceptional circumstance where all flights are filled. Just pick one. It can be done in less than 24 hours especially if you take the overnight LHR-ATH, though I would always prefer to spend a bit more time in the Greek city.

But you have 11 months. If these are your only options to renew, this means you believe that you won't fly Star Alliance at all besides the trip you are booking.

If you do intend to fly with *A more this year, then why is paying 650 extra for exactly the same product and service even a consideration? Is Gold that you wouldn't even use worth 650? Obviously it's a lot harder to get back to Gold if you lose it now, but you can buy lots of food and drink, pay for fast track many times and buy lots of extra baggage allowance with 650.

In past years I have renewed my Gold for not much more than 650 and most of my flights I would have taken anyway even if they earned 0 miles. Though with SAS earning gone this won't happen any more.
Thanks is good to know it can be done in <24hr if needed.

I will fly *A on other trips, but not as much as "normal" this year, and many won't be eligible for milage accrual, or I would credit to a different FFP. Fair question on the value, but I would use it on numerous flights that I wouldn't accrue on (e.g Trans Tasman AU-NZ on *A I have never flown and been able to accrue to A3. But status counts for lounge etc). Agreed you can buy lots of food and drink, but a lounge for me is also about having usable internet, somewhere comfortable, and somewhere to have a shower. Most regular trips I do have decent lounges, SIN being the notable omission (no showers etc). I have never seen the option to pay for fast track? Re baggage out of interest I checked, and e.g. Europe/NZ on SQ, extra baggage is USD36/kg (when booked in advance). If that is right, 650 is only about 20kg, one way.

Originally Posted by Xandrios View Post
Personally I would not fly just for earning miles. I'd probably be up for a detour or sth like that, but not booking a whole trip just for earning miles.

As you still have a lot of time I'd go with the 70% fare right now. That leaves you with 6K miles to earn over the next 11 months. Chances are that you will have to fly somewhere that you are not yet aware of right now, or if not, you can always later on decide if earning status is worth a quick trip on aegean or another carrier.

Two things to keep in mind: Status is not worth anything if you don't use it for flying, and secondly, getting 6K miles or 4 Aegean segments within Europe would/should be much less than 650 euro. Even business class round-trip on OS will get you 8K miles for much less than 650.
Agreed status isn't worth anything if you don't fly, but I do fly enough for it to be useful and worthwhile to me. Also my flying will increase again after this A3 year, so worth holding onto if I can. I looked into OS and it looked like 2k each way on inter-europe Business? I haven't studied the route map to work out other potential options.

Originally Posted by Garimi View Post
for under 300 euro You can do LHR-ATH-IST to see new airport You can do run inside 24h
and You will get 3000 A3 miles for it
Thanks. I'm leaning towards making a trip out of rather than just a run, but good to know it is an option.

Originally Posted by howarsan View Post
You could also do an SK flight like I did, ARN-CPH-AGP return and bag yourself +6000 status miles. It cost me around 272 return
Interesting. So this basically uses CPH as a hub in order to fly SAS, which looks like generous 200% accrual in lots of fare classes. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Yreal View Post
Flying something as lhr-ath-??? (Chq>her) - ath-arn (or something up there) and then back to lhr with sk plus and as 1/2 stops. Should net you both milles amd segments.
I don't follow how this would get me 4 A3 segments?
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